Biden's open-borders policy is an abomination. It's extremely dangerous to our communities, and it's tearing our homeland apart. Our borders should not be controlled by cartels trafficking drugs and people. This has to stop now, and the solution is simple: seal the border and end this invasion of our homeland.
  • Build the border wall and tax remittances to pay for the wall’s construction and upkeep.
  • Reinstate "Remain in Mexico" and end “Catch and Release”.
  • Support the RAISE Act to replace our current immigration system with merit-based immigration.
  • Increase the number of immigration judges to end the backlog on illegal aliens.
  • Reform our asylum laws so illegal aliens cannot abuse the system.


The past few years of Bidenomics have been a disaster for American families. The cost of living is skyrocketing, while wages are collapsing. Housing is unaffordable. Gas prices are rising. Every trip to the grocery store is more and more painful.

A rising tide lifts all boats, but unfortunately our current system is crushing American families. The Federal government should seek to maximize economic prosperity, raise wages of the working and middle-class, and reduce the deficit to get inflation under control.
  • Cut wasteful spending and audit our federal departments.
  • Cut taxes across the board, unleash the free market, and let our economy grow.
  • Support a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution.
  • Work towards reducing our deficit to under a trillion dollars a year and move towards a balanced budget by at least 2030.


Crime is one of the biggest hindrances to economic prosperity. While progressive elites have spent decades telling us that poverty causes crime, the opposite is true: crime causes poverty. It is past time we clean up our streets, throw rioters and looters in jail, end the trafficking of deadly narcotics, stop human trafficking dead in its tracks, and secure our schools. The violent anarchy the Left has unleashed on communities across our nation must end immediately.
  • Designate the Mexican Drug Cartel an international terrorist organization.
  • Investigate NGOs that pay for rioters and looters’ bail.
  • Fund the police and local law enforcement.
  • Increase mandatory minimums for violent crimes.


We cannot be a free country if we are dependent on foreign adversaries for our energy. Texas is the energy capital of the country and we should lead the nation in becoming energy independent - just like it was under President Trump.
  • Cut red tape across the industry
  • "Drill Baby Drill"

Second Amendment

The individual right to own a firearm has roots going back to — and beyond — our nation’s founding. Firearms constituted a main form of defense from predators, criminals, and a tyrannical government. They also helped our nation tame this land from sea to shining sea. Even today, farmers, ranchers, and hunters rely on firearms to protect livestock and provide for their families. Outside of that, millions of Americans keep firearms to protect their families from opportunistic burglars, criminal gangs, and random acts of violence. But most importantly, our Second Amendment exists so that we Americans can protect ourselves against a despotic, overreaching government. Our Second Amendment is the one that protects all the others. As a proud gun owner myself, I stand by our Founding documents— Our Second Amendment shall not be infringed. I will not give an inch on gun control.

Standing Up for Israel

Israel stands as a beacon of democracy and stability in the volatile Middle East. We firmly support Israel's right to defend itself against the barbaric assaults of Hamas. The international community must unequivocally denounce Hamas's terrorism and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel in its fight against these threats to peace and civilization.

Protecting Kids from Gender Transition Surgeries

Our children deserve protection from irreversible decisions pushed by ideological agendas. Subjecting minors to life-altering surgeries for gender transition is outrageous. We adamantly oppose any practice that risks the well-being and future of our youth in the name of ideological conformity.

Fighting Cultural Marxism in Schools and Higher Education

Our educational institutions have been hijacked by radical ideologies that undermine critical thinking and true academic inquiry. We will not stand idly by as cultural Marxism seeks to indoctrinate our youth. It's time to purge these corrosive ideologies from our schools and restore education to its rightful purpose of fostering open-mindedness and intellectual diversity. Parents - not radical, left-wing teachers - should determine school curriculums.


I am unabashedly pro-life. Every child is made in God's image and deserves the right to life. Future generations will look back on aboriton the same way we look back on slavery. Abortion is an abomination that needs to be abolished.
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